Introducing ELiTE's spring 2017 STEM Education Fellows:

ELiTE is thrilled to introduce this year's Spring STEM Education Fellows!  This semester, they will support STEM enrichment activities in three partner schools, 12 classroom sections, and over 30 week-hours of classroom assistance!


Alexis Caudle

I have always been interested in art and design. Believe it or not, was where I was introduced to HTML, CSS, and web design as a teen. My teenage years are also when my love for graphic design was solidified. After reluctantly spending my freshman year in college as a nursing major, I switched to graphic design and received a BFA degree. After that, I decided to apply to The New School’s Design and Technology masters program because I wanted to know more about interactive design. At The New School, I discovered a love for instructional design. I graduate from the program in May.

Helen Zhang

I have always been fascinated by scientific research. As a young child, I was frequently found at my father’s research lab after school, asking the members of the lab to describe the equipment they were using and how they were using them. During high school, I interned at various biomedical and chemistry labs and discovered my passion for tutoring young students. Now, I am seeking to acquire a biology degree at Columbia University and hope to further pursue my passion for STEM and education by serving as an ELiTE STEM Education Fellow.



Maxwell Konnaris

What makes me most happy is thinking of new ideas to solve problems. I’ll be walking home from playing sports, school, work, or hanging out with friends and I’ll come across a problem randomly.  Then it hits me, I get this crazy idea and instantly call a friend.  That phone call will usually go like this.. “Yo dude, guess what I just thought of, this one is it for real, we’re millionaires.” and after an hour I’ll get a sense of whether it was a keeper or not.  Having this kind of “hobby” growing up was something I never could understand.  Where does it fit in when choosing a college degree? So I followed my health interests and received an Exercise Science w/ premed emphasis degree from Ithaca College. Upon grad, I realized what that “hobby” meant and combining my interests, I’m now looking to develop new ideas in health/sport engineering.  Currently, I work in Harlem with ELiTE to help encourage others to develop creativity and their own ideas in the world of technology. I live in Queens working on applying to grad/PhD programs for Biomedical Engineering so I can, ya know, save the world.

Dehaan Rahman

My name is Dehaan Rahman and I am a freshman in college. I always loved doing hands on activities and reusing old materials for new uses. For instance, cardboard was always remade into houses for my toys or buildings for my mini cities. Last year I made a robot that shredded garbage in an attempt to make recycling more entertaining since seeing things shred apart is pretty cool. Now I am in the civil engineering track at city college.




Benjamin Fetcher

I’ve been playing with (and breaking) things since I was a kid. From Legos and Bionicles to water filters and circuits, I’ve always loved working and learning about how to make things better. As a junior at Columbia University, I study electrical engineering and education, tying the things I enjoy most together: theoretical math, engineering, and sharing what I’ve learned with others. In my free time, I DJ for WBAR, Barnard College’s student radio program, and read history books. When I graduate, I hope to work in the Peace Corps and for Teach for America. Afterwards, I’d like to teach physics in my home state of South Carolina.

Jessica Adjei

I was originally born in Italy. Growing up I had a passion for building and fix things as well as art. In my household I would always fix things when they were broken. Now I find myself using those skills I’ve gained over the years to build projects. Whether it’s working on CAD files, making flyers for different companies or creating edits/gifs for Korean dramas I watch digital art runs in my veins.  Currently I’m attending City College of New York hoping to pursue Computer Engineering.


Jessica Adjei.jpg


Madeleine Tipp

Since playing with LEGO Mindstorms in my 7th grade technology class, I have been fascinated by technology. I am currently a sophomore at Barnard College majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Applied Math. When I am not programming, you can find me running through Riverside Park, rock climbing at The Cliffs, or playing the drums in Brooklyn. I look forward to working with my fellow teaching assistants and with some great students this spring!


Meiyouka Yao

I have always loved learning as well as teaching others and get involved in the community. I especially get kids involved with coding as I have tutored students who were beginners in coding during my high school and now college years. In my spare time, I love to read novels, cook for fun and of course, try to code a new project. 


Geffen Huberman

Hey, I'm Geffen! I love to learn languages, teach, and solve problems for myself and others, both real-life and computer-based. I can frequently be found deep-nosed into a library book or sprawled out on the floor of a yoga studio. After high school, I spent a year hiking and volunteering in an Israeli commune. Today, I am studying Computer Science at Columbia University. 


Ashley Bell

Ashley is a native Louisianian who loves to solve problems. As a child, she was always reading whatever she could get her hands on: books, labels, encyclopedias. Throughout her education, she discovered an interest for Chemistry and moved to New York to pursue a degree in Chemical Engineering with a minor in Hispanic Studies. She has done a variety of research, both scientific and literary, and has interned for companies like UPS and Procter & Gamble. She loves new experiences, especially traveling to different places. After graduating in May 2017, Ashley will return to P&G.