Computer Science education week 2017 is almost here!


Join ELiTE on from December 4th - 10th, to host several Hour of Code workshops in celebration of Computer Science Education Week.  Public School students from our six partner schools in Harlem will partake in a global campaign dedicated to sparking interest in CS for over 10 million students worldwide.


Get Involved Now

For ELiTE's Harlem-based classrooms, this will be a unique opportunity to engage in the power of computer science; particularly for those who have yet to be exposed to any STEM- or CS-related courses.  Sign up to host your very own Hour of Code, or review our Information Sheet for further information.  If you know any friends or colleagues who may be interested in hosting an Hour of Code please share this page with them. 


Last Year's Success

ELiTE Hour of Code 2016 by the numbers:

  • 400+ students completed Javascript tutorials on CodeCombat, CodeAcademy, and CodeHS.

  • 100+ of our 7th grade students built programmable traffic lights using Arduino!

  • 7 Organizations partnered with ELiTE in 2016 to bring 28 volunteers into the classroom!

  • 18 of our HS CS students taught 60 of their peers how to code for the first time.

  • Students hacked Flash computer games that were then projected onto the walls of the school to allow for physical interaction.

***You don't need to be a cs expert to Participate!***

Registration closes on Wednesday, November 29th